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The Magalcha was created to open a house for musicians to create in our area


Can be held in our space:


- Rehearsals (if / without the technician). The Galcha has all the necessary equipment for rehearsal, a pay system, drums, two guitar amplifiers, a bass amplifier and more ...

-Construction of processing, recordings and finishing of the musical section.

Do you have a song you wrote and have an idea for an arrangement and melody? But you do not know how to do it? The Galcha team has professionals who can accompany you through the entire process of writing, composing, arranging and producing.

-Musical environment with all the tools needed to deliver a private lesson (exotic piano, drums, guitar and bass amplifiers and more).

-Workshops for up to 10 people.

-Live Shine Edit. Photography, recording and editing.

-Performances in LIVE broadcast (quality video and sound).

Costs? Because the Magalcha is a social place and we support social musical promotion and want to do full music, our prices are very affordable for every pocket:

3 hours back 150 shekels. Includes sound technician.

4 hours for a private lesson of NIS 100 (without the use of amplification equipment, except for a guitar amplifier).

- "Shine" recordings or construction processing NIS 300 for four hours. Includes an unaccompanied professional technician (you can add a professional-producer, processor and more). Regarding the finish of the section, it is possible to contact us and we will understand together what the size of the production is.

Workshops - Transfer of a two-hour NIS 100 workshop (without the use of amplification equipment, except for a small speaker for playing songs and speech) for up to 10 people (including the facilitator).

- Live performances NIS 500 for an hour and a half broadcast. The field of live broadcasting is still in development so we would be happy for pricing offers (e.g. Dana or a percentage of the show's revenue).

- Live session recorded, filmed and edited. Up to two cameras and up to two musicians NIS 1,000. Above 2 musicians or 2 cameras please contact us to understand the size of the production.

And of course you can do a lot of other cool and interesting things related to music.


So if something comes to mind and you need a musical environment,

Contact Genia 0547262328

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