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The regenerating mill

The flour mill  Is a center of civic culture, the mill  Open to a variety of creative, productive and value-based activities. Seven different aspects or horizons of activity can be characterized, each of which has a different focus in the mill in terms of location. The different horizons intertwine, support each other and violate each other, and yet they can be characterized as follows: social-community, cultural-artistic, technological-productive, economic, educational-research, ecological, hospitable. Weaving them together, the mill will form a comprehensive work of social art, a connection of place and activity, impacting the environment in all seven of these aspects.

The flour mill

The structure of the "Kama" flour mill at the Valley Gate was built in stages,

From 1939 until the early 2000s.

The mill operated until three years ago and was finally closed in 2016.

The iconic cathedral-like structure, located in the center of the farm, is the kibbutz's architectural center, its entrance gate and the highest point.  


After its closure, the mill stood empty for about two years,

In 2019, the kibbutz authorized the artist Nimrod Reuveni to maintain the building.

Reuveni cleaned, renovated and designed the mill, and on its two lower floors he created a wonderful system of interior spaces, where a rich and varied cultural and community activity takes place, addressing both the kibbutz residents and the residents of Kiryat Tivon and its surroundings. A special and fruitful connection was established through the cultural-social network of the Sheikh Avrik Festival of Civil Culture and with Shirley Marom and Yonatan Levy. 

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