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The Interdisciplinary Space for Performance and Contemporary Art

What was the packing room of the mill is today used as a stage for performances and events in and out of the community, where various contents of contemporary dance performances, fringe theater, experimental performance, representatives, stabilizers, video works, sound and more emerge.

The space also houses the Mill Theater Group and the School of Social Art in Heratia, a laboratory for independent artists and rotating workshops.

Each member of the community can offer and organize activities / classes / initiatives at the center.

The local artists also upload original works and in addition the place invites guest artists to come and upload works and projects at all stages of the process.


The center wants to emphasize the multidisciplinary nature of the stage and think about the space and what takes place in it from all directions: the movement, color, shape, composition, sound, light, etc.… Design and performance.

- מפרט טכני של התאטרון 

- ליזמים ומפיקים 

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