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תכנית הלימודים לאמנות חברתית בחרתיה
שנת הלימודים תשפ"ד

The Social Art Mill I Chose - a unique program that explores the connections between spirit, society and art.


The program operates at the Kama flour mill in Kibbutz Sha'ar Ha'amakim, on Wednesdays between 16:00 and 21:30

From October 2021 to May 2022.

Curriculum, in summary:

>> Theoretical lessons on the development of consciousness in the light of art history, and on perceptions >> Creativity of community and society

>> Emphasis on internal research, group dialogue, and practical product at the end of the year

>> A selection of unique meetings and workshops (In the last two years, Axel Ewald, Shai Or, Nona Orbach, Gilad Babchuk, Ora Gabrieli, Jasmine Goder, Ruth Wieder-Magen, Smadar Ya'aron, Lilach Livne, Danny Lasri, Dudi Maayan, Noam Inbar have been guests. , Uri Arad, Omar Krieger and more)

>> Accompaniment of a practical personal project

>> Unique adventures for each school year

To register, to arrange a personal meeting and tour: 0544-964354

Program facilitators: Yonatan Levy and Shirley Marom.

She is one of the founders of the Sheikh Avrik Festival of Civil Culture, a branch of community and culture at the Shaked Association, and the Civil Mill was established.

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